Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Having a website is great, but as a business owner, we understand that you probably just want to know how it's working for you.

No problem.

Each month we will send you a monthly analytic report that you will be able to understand! We understand that you don't have time trying to figure out what all this stuff means, so we break it down for you so that you have the data you need to know, with no guessing games.

Analytics will help you to not only see how many customers come to your site each month, but also understand what that means. We'll show you where customers are coming from and what steps they took to find your site. Did they find you on Google or maybe from clicking through from another website? We'll pull that data for you and show you each month.

Your Marketing Specialist will work with you each month to communicate the successes of your website through the analytic report, thus helping to create better results for your website.

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